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Studying the railways of the Scottish Highlands  

The Society

The aims of the Highland Railway Society are to support and assist all with an interest in the Highland, be they historical researchers, modellers or simply lovers of the railway. All periods are covered, right up to the present day.

The Society was formed in 1987 and since then has flourished. It currently has a growing and active membership of over 300, spread throughout the country, with a few overseas.

Meetings are held regularly in various parts of the country. Each year, our AGM forms the centrepiece of a full-day meeting. This is principally a social gathering, enabling members to meet and chat about common interests, with models and artefacts on display, and guest speakers. The location is varied each year to give all members the chance of attending without travelling too far.

The Highland Railway Journal is published four times a year and contains a broad and fascinating mix of historical articles, drawings, reminiscences, model features, news from the line and letters.

The Society has a library and large photographic collection which are available for member's research. Many of these have been deposited in the Highland Council's Archive in Inverness and are being added to its Am Baile website.

The Society's drawings are invaluable for researchers and modellers. A full list of the drawings is available to downloaded.

Modellers are well catered for. The Society produces several components for 4mm and 7mm builders and keeps track of all the commercially available models and components. Limited run kits are produced to complement those that are commercially available.

The Society's email chatline enables members to quickly exchange information. Queries raised usually generate quick replies, and even if the original question cannot be answered, interesting discussion takes place.

One of the Society's strengths is its very warm welcome and friendly nature and new members are quickly made to feel very welcome. Membership costs just £18 per year. Click here to see our Rules.

If you would like to join, contact the Membership Secretary at the address shown below or download our Membership Form as a pdf file.